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Client:  “But I never go anywhere, I don’t do bad things, I am very careful, so why did I get infected?” Why did my anti-virus not stop the infection? Well, the anti-virus did catch it…just not before it install it’s Trojans and stop you from browsing the Internet.  The leading cause for poor performance is malware.  Viruses and spyware are rampant on the Internet.  Signs of infection are not easily detected sometimes.  These signs of infection include your anti-virus stops working or returns errors messages; you can't get to websites; or excessive number of pop-up windows appear while casually browsing. Don't download miracle-fix programs until you have verified their legitimacy! Don't trust websites that randomly claim that your PC is infected or broken.  Websites cannot scan your pc/laptop unless you tell them to, but they can pass infections on to you! The reason that anti-virus software does not catch every malware or virus, is even the most up to date software product can’t keep up with the cyber criminals.  It could take weeks or months to create a solution for a new threat. But in the end to minimize your exposure to the threats, schedule your anti-virus to periodic scan your pc.  Make sure that all software including operating system (Windows) and programs are kept up to date.  Software developers are constantly making corrections to fix security gaps in their software.  Clean out your Internet History periodically including cookies.  The best part, there is a wonderful free program that cleans out a lot of the malware if you do get infected by malware called Malwarebytes. So practice safe computing!

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Categories: Malware
Posted by catsllc on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 2:30 PM
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