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How Can a Brick & Mortar Business Market on the Internet?---1st Things First!

1st Things First! Get a LOCAL PRESENCE!

Can you find your business on one of those Internet Maps?  Such as Google Maps? Yahoo! Maps? Bing Maps?  If not, this is where you can start.  The objective is to get a local presence on the Internet. Find your business on a map! And the best part about this is is free, yes FREE!

More and more people are using those smart phones to find a business that will satisfy their needs...will one of those phones find your store?  If not, this is what you need to do.   Setup your Google Places,  Yahoo! Local and Bing! Business Pages

Go to Google Places for Business and setup your Google Places for local business.   By setting up your Google Places page this will help you make sure your business information is visible and accurate to consumers googling for your products and services.  Make sure you have a Google account tied to your business email. (it does not have to be a gmail account). Add or edit your basic business information, such as your physical address, email, website URL, description, and business categories. Google allows you to select up to five, so take advantage of this option and give your potential customers many potential ways to find your business. However, it’s important that one of your categories is one of Google’s default suggestions, which can help your Place page rank higher in the search results. Make sure you are writing for your customers!  There will be verification option after you have updated your Google Places page.

Go to Yahoo! Small Business and for the Basic level (read Free) you get to promote your business to highly qualified prospects in your area by listing your business on Yahoo! Local. Each listing features detailed information that sets your business apart.  This includes your business name, contact information, service information; such as hours, payment methods, services offered and brands or products available for sale. Again, just like Google, you do not need a Yahoo! account, you can use your business email and there is a verification process.

Claim your business listing by going to Bing! Business. Verify the contact information and then add photos, logos, contact information, payment types, menus, and other business details that help your business stand out from other local listings.  You can even add deals that can be posted to your Facebook Business Page to attract more customers. Bing! like the others also have a verification process after you have claimed your Bing! page and updated your information.

Just remember this is just the beginning to have your business with a local presence on the Internet! Check all three of these at least once a month and update as necessary!  This will help your business become more visible in searches and helps influence customers to come and do business with you! All of this is the ultimate goal in marketing and the best part it is FREE!

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Posted by catsllc on Sunday, November 24, 2013 4:00 AM
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