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Ways to Join the Social Media Conversation to see benefits for your business

Love all of those sales people….”You are not posting at all, because you are not showing in the search engines, buy my service and I guarantee you that you will be on the top of all of the Search Engines.”  OR “You are posting more than 1 time per day…too much!” OR “You should be on this [name the social media site}.” OR “We can connect you to ALL social media sites with $90/ month plus click fees.”   Dang, what is a business owner to think or do regarding social media? 

No matter which of over the 325 social media sites you are on, the first most important thing to understand is, it’s most important to develop a reputation with your fan base before you can really start selling your product or service. It’s important to engage with your customers/potential customers and build relationships.  So the basic concepts for Social Media, no matter what site is, to:  ENGAGE – BE CONSISTENT – CREATE URGENCY.


Start conversations:

People respond most to things that are visual or involve THEM. People love to talk about themselves, and they’ll be interested in sharing their own stories, thoughts, and interests! Get them going!

·         Post Progression photos of work you are doing (For those who know me…I really, really like the word progression :).

·        Post work from your past, childhood, present. Show where you’ve come from, what you’re working on; product /service you want to offer. We do business with people who we know and trust, so it is ok to make it personable.

·        Ask a question: ask them questions about themselves, ask about your work, ask about current topics. Use topics that relate to your work or your personal audience. Everyone is different.

·        Start a topic: talk about your process, what you’re working on, what you did today, etc. ----Think about your brand/image here!

Create a Fun, Inspiring environment:

·        Create contests: photo contests, commenting contests, liking contests. You want to create things that inspire them to share or participate in. With the Timeline, other people are going to see their friends’ likes, shares and comments. Offer an incentive: Winner gets product or service of the month (or choice), someone gets discount in your shop, one of 10 commenters will get a free product/service, etc.

·         Encourage fans to share pictures of their stuff, favorite product. Whatever it is, that could be related to your product/service, your brand or your web presence.

Determine who is your audience:

Research your audience: Use analytical reports like Facebook Insights to understand the type of people that are “liking” and engaging on your page, and from there you can learn and develop your audience.


Create a schedule/system for your postings:

·         Decide what time of day, how many times a day, how many times per week you will post. And what ‘type’ of content you will post.

·         Create a day/time for what content is shared: New product on Fridays? Discount Sales on Sundays? Product of the day Tuesdays? Fan chat Thursdays?

How do you plan to sell your product or service?

When I talk to a potential client, I ask if they have a marketing plan or a business plan.  How do you know where you are going if you don’t have a plan?

·         Create sales goals and develop a system that will help you reach those goals.

·         Determine what you are willing to sell your product/service  for (pricing).  What is your minimum?

·         Do you want to offer your product/service directly on Facebook or promote your other sites where the product/service is available?


It’s important to create the sense of urgency and uniqueness for your product/service on a social network because everything is posted in real time, exposure on Social Media sites is short term and not every follower will see your posts. Simply posting payment information for or link to product /service, there really is less of a chance at making a sale.

·         Use sayings like “The first (number) of people to comment-” or “The first one to say “SOLD!” can purchase-” to create the urgency to reply.  

·         Create rarity with limited times or limited offers: Certain specials will be available from this day to that day, or for 24 hours, or until the Friday of that week. Something of that nature, where the special will not be available anywhere else and is not done on a REGULAR basis.

·         Creating urgency not only helps keep your fans’ attention but help increase engagement which in turn will help increase the exposure of that particular post across other timelines. More likes, comments or shares equal more exposure for that post.

This is important for all business people, because Email will go away and Social Media will be the communication vehicle of the future. Join the conversation and make it meaningful, not just the Hard Sell!




Computer And Technology Services, LLC

(CATSLLC for short!)

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Posted by catsllc on Wednesday, August 1, 2012 2:42 PM
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